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About Me

I was average in studies, growing up I was very shy student. Introducing myself was one of the most difficult things for me.

I was known to be the most notorious kid in my family. The one who would always get into trouble.

In 6th Standard, I bunked my school for 2 months and it brought a lot of shame to my family. My parents thought I would have no future due to my behavior.

When I was young, my family faced some financial crunch and we lost our house, due to which we were forced to stay behind our retail shop. Those time were difficult, but I’m grateful that this led to my foundation on how I see the world.

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Shekar is the Founder of a company called Travel Lifestyle Academy and he is on a mission to help educate at least 1,000 people to get out of the trapped corporate world like he was in and now has freedom. Shekar has learned from the absolute best, and I believe he will complete his mission very soon!



I have traveled the world with Shekar Kunder and somehow still enjoy his company. He looks like what you would call “a natural” with girls. I have seen him dancing with girls in the streets of Lisbon, getting rejected without losing confidence in Bulgaria, making a woman fall in love with him in Boston. He also really loves traveling, not just in the social signaling type of way. He’s probably one of the best teachers you could ask for because he’s humble, he cares, and all the better teachers are busy.



Shekar Kunder made me do socially really akward things but tbh it made me a better and more confident version of myself. He seems to never sleep bc he always replies. Also, I think he has read every book on this planet.