“What if, even after so much of hard work, you do not get the United State of America Visa?” my head was spinning with this question.

I was waiting in the queue to be interviewed subsequently. 

I was anxious of this interview.

My interview lasted for a few minutes.

“What is the purpose of your visit?”

“How long do you plan to stay?”

“Where you will be staying?”

“What is your profession?”

They asked me these questions.

The best part was when the officer asked my passport for stamping.

I was thrilled; I made a one-minute video for Mike and Randall informing them that I was coming.

I worked hard to get this visa; I did all the paperwork by myself. I was reading a lot of articles, practising my interview.

End of the day, a reward of 10 years visa is worth all the efforts.

Tips to clear the United States of America visa interview:

- Practice before the interview day.

- There should be no loopholes to your story.

- Don’t lie to the authorities.

- Don’t reveal unnecessary information.

- Talk to the point.

- Be calm & smile while answering.


The visa process is strict, but it is not very complicated.

Once you get the visa, many doors get opened. It is one of the most vital piece of paper in the world.

Post getting an USA visa, getting visa for other countries becomes relatively easy.

You can travel to countries in Europe & South America with the USA visa.


Journey to Boston: 

 I had a connecting flight from Turkey.

I checked the main screen to know the gate number to Boston.

As I was reaching the gate, I saw a huge queue and the security was next level.

I saw people being sent back by the security team and never seen this level of security in the airport.

As I moved closer, I was scared to go through security.

There was a range of emotions I was going through; I thought, what if they send me back?

They asked my purpose of the visit, and where I would be staying.

After the initial enquiry, you must go through 3 levels of checking.

You must empty your bag, remove your shoes and after all the scrutiny you can enter the plane.

I called Mike and informed him of my arrival time.

The journey was a long one from Turkey to the United States of America.

The immigration officer again questions you; by this time, I was quite a comfortable answering.

I was delighted to step outside the Boston airport.

Mike was there to pick me outside the airport, and we headed home.


1st Week:

Mike was kind enough to let me stay in their spacious guest house.

I would get up early, meditate & workout.

My travel plan was to spend ten days in Boston and four days in New York (2 weeks in total).

I was assisting Mike for the Bootcamp, so time was limited. I would get 2-3 days to explore Boston.

Mike had laid down the schedule.

First few days we recorded the videos for the Youtube Channel.

Mike helped me get comfortable in front of the camera.

We also recorded a podcast talking about cultural differences between India & USA.


1st Bootcamp Assisting Experience:

Day 1

One student had signed up for the boot camp.

Let me explain, Bootcamp is a one on one session with the student where we teach social freedom. We make him go through embarrassing social situations to get judged by people. 

It helps in building confidence, and they start to care less about people.

It makes you socially free.

We literally handhold the student to get through the intense drills for two days.

Bootcamp is for two days, day one is theory and social freedom exercises, and day two is approaching strangers, we listen to their conversation and give them feedback.

Our student, Mr.X (can’t reveal the name) was a 40+-year-old man. He was quite friendly.

I was awe of Mike, the way he was explaining the concepts and helping the student.

At the start it was fundamental tasks, like shouting on the streets, asking directions for STD clinics, staring at a glass door of a coffee shop etc.

Mike was explaining every concept in detail of all the social freedom exercises.

The student was reacting beautifully to all the task, and it was fun to see him conquer his fears.

I was also sharing my perspectives with the student, coming from a culture like India.

There was a task where you must lie down on the street and get Hi-Five from the people walking past you. I helped him with the mindset; it is only difficult to the point where you lay down on the ground, then it gets fun.

Day 1 was very fruitful, and the student was happy with the day’s work.

Day 2 

Many people get breakthrough from day 1; you get free from years of conditioning.

This boot camp is life-changing; I have gone through it and have seen the changes in my mindset.

Today, it was all about approaching strangers on the street.

While assisting, I saw a beautiful girl walking past. I went and approached her.

I indicated Mike that they could continue with the training as I would like to spend time with this girl.

We went on a coffee date and spoke in length about life.

She was going through hard times in life; her father was diagnosed with cancer.

I took her number, and she told me that she would meet in a couple of days in the same place. She didn’t call me back.

I joined back Mike and the student again, and Mr.X was having a rough time as he was going rejections.

We celebrated the day and had some fantastic food in the end.

Driving back, Mike told me that he was impressed with my level of skills. He was surprised to see that I could pull off all these social interactions with ease.

If you are someone who wants to change your dating life, I highly recommend Infinite Man Team, here is a link to talk to them:


Note: The boot camp is not cheap; it is transformational. You can check other online products too.


Exploring Boston on my own:

Mike dropped me to the nearest train station that takes me to Boston City centre. I was traveling on my own

The train was also not frequent, and it was far from Hudson (Mike’s residence).

The journey till the city-centre was joyful.

The moment I got out of the station, I was delighted contemplating how far I have come and enjoyed every moment of freedom.

I started my day with Faneuil hall marketplace; there was a good vibe about that place.

Music, dance, street performers, food & people spending time with family, it was a fun time.

Newbury Street is a busy street in Boston. There is always comedy shows, malls & concerts that takes place.

I enjoyed spending time in the Boston Public Garden; it is a vast garden.

Boston Common is another right spot.

I visited the Massachusetts State House & Granary Burying ground (Historic cemetery).

I went to the New England Aquarium, witnessed dolphins. This aquarium was well maintained.

I got into the last train back to Hudson, and a day well spent.


About Mike:

I was fortunate enough to spend a week with Mike and Lilly.

They were excellent host. They made sure I had a fun time in the city.

Mike is no-nonsense kind of a guy; he knows what he wants.

This guy is super organised, you can find the oldest music collections to the latest marketing software.

He spent so much time learning, listening to podcast while driving or doing mundane house activities.

Always reading and upgrading himself.

I was exposed to the internet world of endless possibilities. 

It was fascinating to see so many people living their passion, and making a killer earning, helping people get better and living a good life.

It hooked me, and I wanted to learn all the tricks of the trade.

He helped me understanding marketing, copywriting, email marketing etc.

Mike was working in the IT world; he left his job to pursue becoming a dating coach, and he was good with his skills.

I learnt so many things staying with Mike and can’t thank enough for his time.

The best part was that, he is a genuine guy. He loved Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

He once took me to his Jiu-Jitsu gym; both shared his story how he met Lilly in one of the Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.

People, there were extremely friendly and even asked me if I want to try it. Looking all the beefed-up guys, I said no thanks.

Mike if you are reading this, Love you, brother. I had a great time with you.


Night out and A Comedy Show:

One of the evenings, Mike took me to a club, and I hung out with some of his previous students.

I met a guy named Andrew. He was a real estate broker and was super successful.

We connected well.

The venue was super noisy, so went out and spoke for length.

I also went to a comedy show with Mike & Lilly.

The show was hilarious. Unfortunately, some jokes were hard to understand due to the cultural difference.

I enjoyed my time in the comedy show.

Tip: Don’t sit in front, the comedian will roast you.



On the first day of my visit, while I had water, by mistake I broke a new cup at Mike’s house.

I felt terrible and wanted to make up for it.

Before, leaving for New York, I wanted to get a similar mug.

I didn’t inform Mike. I told him that I’m going for a run.

Now if you don’t have a car, you have a long-distance to cover with your feet.

I walked a few miles when I found a departmental store.

I bought a couple of mugs, chocolates and a marvel bag (Mike is a marvel fan).

When I gifted him, he was touched by my gesture and told me that I’m always welcome to his place.


About Boston:

- Boston has a rich cultural life and attracts a lot of tourist throughout the year.

- Quincy Market, Boston Common & Public Garden attract shoppers.

- Tourist follows the Freedom Trail, walking route covering Bunker Hill Monument, Faneuil Hall & the old Statehouse.

- Boston is a sports town, especially in the New England region. They love their baseball.

- The Boston Marathon held annually since 1887, is the world’s oldest footrace.

- People are friendly, and the city is vibrant.



- I want to write my entire experience of USA (Boston & New York) in my next blog, it wouldn’t be fair if I share it here.

- My next article will be about my adventures in New York.


This is Shekar, signing off. I will see you in the next one. Ciao.


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